Monday, December 1, 2008

The End!

I would have to say that Learn and Play has been a successful program. I finally understand what RSS feeds and Delicious are, which is awesome, and discovered new and exciting websites through the Web 2.0 awards. Also, although I have had a Gmail account for a few years now, I never thought to venture into their Calendar and Documents features, which I use all the time now. So, I think I did a great job.

It's cool working for a library system that understands the importance of educating their staff on stuff like this, and I would definitely participate in another Learn-and-play type program.

I'm also very excited about owning my first ever Flash Drive!

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Penultimate Thing

I was really surprised to see all the new eBook and Audiobook titles on MOLDI, especially considering the poor selection of eFlicks (excluding Bigfoot Terror and Beach Girls and the Monster, of course). Of course, as I mentioned in the Podcast post, my Shuffle makes listening to audiobooks kind of difficult. And I'm not keen on reading books on my computer. My brother-in-law (with all his awesome toys) is the proud owner of an Amazon Kindle, and I believe he uses MOLDI to download books on it (I could be wrong, he could be paying Amazon for his books...but MOLDI is free! That would be crazy!)
So someday when i have the means to buy a real iPod and a Kindle, I will use MOLDI all the time.

Monday, November 17, 2008


My iPod, Hi-Yo Silver. Or, maybe it's just a picture of a silver iPod Shuffle from the internet.

I don't really listen to Podcasts, mainly because I don't work in front of a computer, and my portable listening device is an iPod Shuffle, which is not quite what you want to use to listen to podcasts. (I guess it could work, it would just mean removing all the music on there and then put the podcasts on there, in the exact order I want to listen to them. This is because the shuffle is the small, screenless iPod, so you can either shuffle all the audiofiles to listen to them, or listen to them in the exact order that you set it up on iTunes to play. So, it's kind of a pain)

But, I do listen to NPR (yep, NERD), so I do know of a few Podcasts I would probably listen to if it was easier for me. Things like This American Life, Science Friday, Radio Lab, etc. They had a really well-organized Podcast Directory on their website. I didn't really like the other directories we were asked to look at, mainly because there were WAY too many podcasts to dig through, even with them organized by subject.

Friday, November 14, 2008


I think this video is an appropriate one to post for this Blog. (The embed thingy was unfortunately "disabled by request") This music video compiles all the weird Youtube video phenomena and makes fun of them. And also, I can't help myself, but I love Weezer, and their crappy new Red album too. I'm not the only one, either; my brother-in-law downloaded The Greatest Man Who Ever Lived and Troublemaker on Rock Band so we can rock out to them.

I also love Youtube. Whenever someone asks me, "have you seen....[fill in blank]" I'm there. One of my favorites right now is "Shoes" (look it up, I'm not going to post it because, well, there are swears in it.)

Also, to show all you folk out there how awesome I am at "embedding", here is the biggest nerd ever:

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Oh, Ziggy, will you ever win?

The one thing I noticed about the Power Tools page is that if you try to find it without clicking directly on the link (by going to CML's Homepage and trying to locate it from there), it's not very easy. It's on the very bottom, right-hand side of the page, which makes it seem like the least important thing on the web-page (I don't know about most people, but when I go to any website, I rarely take the time to scroll down.) That made me feel a little sad. Then I clicked on StumbleUpon and "stumbled upon" Scott Meets Family Circus (subtitled, or tagline: "When Jeffy and the gang get confused, I step in to clarify"). Just like Garfield Without Garfield, the author takes an annoyingly unfunny (and annoyingly wholesome) comic and, well, makes it funny. There aren't very many posts yet, but it has serious potential.
So this Thing was definitely a success.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

And the winner is...

The site I discovered that had a lot of potential awesomeness was imcooked. So, I didn't actually watch any videos (it's kind of a pain to watch videos at work) but I will at home one of these days. This is one of those things that makes me think that I will actually cook something that's not frozen and out of a box that has the cooking instructions in easy-to-decipher pictures.
Another site I liked a lot was Yelp. Who doesn't like to read reviews of places you already have an opinion of? (I don't care what "fen z from toledo ohio" thinks, Surly Girl is awesome!) Also, I will probably use it next time I travel to another city.
Other Winners in my book:

Friday, October 17, 2008

DIE, Microsoft Office, DIE!

I'm sold on Google Documents. It's easy to use, conveniently saved online, and Free! I realized, after discovering it, that my life is going to be so much easier, both at home or work. (Among other things, I love that it constantly saves your work, because no matter how many times you remind people, they don't SAVE SAVE SAVE!!!)
It's so easy to upload things from MS Word too, and, lo and behold, it looks just like the original! No more crazy messed up margins! This is usually a HUGE problem with Resumes that are transfered from one word processing program to another.

On a side note, Rock Band 2 is just as wonderful as I imagined. Tons of new songs, well chosen for all instuments, including bass. New and improved guitar! (it's heavier and the strummer is perfect compared to the last one) You can also load all the songs from the last one onto the new game, and play them together.

that's all for now.